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Today's Jew

Jews are very sensitive these days and understandably so.  The last few years haven't been easy for Jews and Jewish communities around the world.  We have seen an increase in anti-Semitism, including violent anti-Semitism.  Perhaps the scariest part of anti-Jewish feeling is what has been termed "the new anti-Semitism", where we see the one Jewish state, being subject to the most intense scrutiny over it's actions, whereby the actions of other countries in the world are barely noticed.  Is seems that Jews have always been subject to this type of scrutiny, being expected to have the "Christian" value of turning the other cheek, instead of the Jewish value of pre-emption - killing a person who is going to kill you. 

Since the beginning of the "intifada" (I prefer to call it war) that Yasser Arafat began in 2000, Jews have been even more sensitized to the characterization of Jews and hatred towards Jews in the media.  It seems that only recently have people begun to notice the hatred towards Jews (and others) on the internet, although it has existed for a long time.